Brazilian Girlfriend on Internet 

Brazilian Girlfriend on Internet

If you are Indian or Pakistani citizen, and you have Brazilian girlfriend on Internet, and wanna marry her, but do not know what to do, Then this post may help you. As you know it is difficult for middle class Indian and Pakistani citizens to get visa of Brazil.

It will be better if your girlfriend will come to your county. There she and you can marry. After it you can apply permanent visa from your county and come to Brazil with your wife. For her come to your county, you can write a letter to Embassy of india in Brazil. On that paper you write you name, address, ID number, address, phone number etc. Write her name and passport number. And write on that letter that she is your friend, and you want her to visit your country for 30 days (or whatever you think better). When she will be in your country you will take care of her all expenses in your country and you will make sure that before her visa expire, she will return to Brazil. Then sign on that paper, and stamp that paper from your tehseel and send that paper to your girlfriend. It will help your girlfriend for get visa of your country.

If your girlfriend do not have enough money to buy tickets then it will be better to buy her tickets in place of sending her money.

If your girlfriend do not want to come to your country or have some problem so she can not come to your country. Then you can apply for Brazilian visa. For more information about Brazilian visa click here

There is a video available about this.You can watch this video. This video will help you.